The book of the work of Monique Jacot
In parallel to her documentary work, started in the fifties, the renowned Swiss photographer, Monique Jacot allows herself to create another body of work more artistic, almost surrealist where dream and reality come in close contact. Along the way, either with her large thematic photo reports or in the more individual pieces she depicts the hidden sense of life.

Monique Jacot can offer us a panel of meditative images, surrealist photography and realistic observations. Her usage of various techniques is demonstrated in this book. She starts with the square Roleiflex in the fifties, uses the classical Leica in the seventies, explores the Polaroid in the eighties, and leans us today toward photo transfers.

In Switzerland, Monique Jacot is one of the rare women from her generation who has followed up in a permanent and persevering way over several decades a rich photographic- al works which brings the viewer in several directions. Her journey demonstrates the evolution of the photography in the second half of the twenty century. This book offers for the first time a global view over her career.