Self Development in Japan:
A book-cover series about personal self-development
This series of 5 books, designed for the publisher Seishin Shobo in Tokyo is the japanese version of an american book series about self development. Our design was to create a unity for the japanese market. This design is the result of a great collaboration between the japanese typographer Hitoshi Koizumi from Tokyo and Jean-Benoit Levy.

Technically, each book-cover is printed in two colors, while the primary color is changing according each book's theme. As a graphic unity, a similar photographic element made of silhouettes is reinforcing the visual aspect of this series.

Composition wise, each cover differentiates itself by its design: Cut in half, in different directions, with various shapes which are related to each theme, each cover is simply recognizable. For example, in the first book "the self development for the women" is placed in a vertical direction, as the book "the self development of the man" is in horizontal.

The third book contains a shape of a stair as the theme is about evolution. The next one is composed with triangles to symbolize confrontations as the fifth cover uses more circular shapes illustrating the harmony in the couple.