Chillon Castle
Château de Chillon:
In the occasion of the enter into the World Heritage property of UNESCO of the Château de Chillon, Jean-Benoit Levy has been asked in 2004 to
create a mint.
The Château de Chillon is the thrilling culmination of centuries of human ingenuity and labour. Initially the Counts of Savoy wanted a fortress, first and foremost; later, a residence. While they erected dozens of castles over their territories, Chillon is in a class of its own. Here the builders had to respond to the unique challenge of the terrain – a rocky island off a precipitous lakeshore, a dreamlike setting – by creating appropriate forms and spaces: Chillon is unique. There is no other building like this one in the whole world. Chillon invites you to relive history, from the 12th to the 16th century. Built in the 13th century on Roman foundations, the Chateau de Chillon was the official residence of the Counts of Savoy throughout the Middle Ages. Originally a fortress, the Chateau de Chillon underwent numerous transformations as its owners tried to adapt the building to the advances in defensive and offensive weapons of the time. The patient and inventive process of creation adapted for the precise fabrication at the legendary traditional money maker "SwissMint" can be discovered here in a pdf.