Swiss Benevolent Society:
Rejuvenate the look of a non-profit, using two existing elements.
Alan Greenbaum:
Illustration of a tree for a new line of shirts.
10th IUPAC Congress:
International Congress on the Chemistry of Crop Protection.
La Roche Banquier:
Redesign of the logo and visual identity for a private bank in Basel.
Dynasty Creation:
The letters "C" and "D" combined for a beauty center.
China Didacta:
Tradeshow for educational material in China.
Didacta Chicago:
A logo for the education trade fair in Chicago.
Pharma Consulting::
A logo for a biometries and data
management company.
Friend of the Bolshoi:
Letters from the cyrillic alphabet for a famous russian theatre.
IT Forum:
Three logo versions in motion for a convention about security online.
Letter "K" as an arrow decomposed here as an icon.
Ogay Wines:
The 6 wines of a wine maker within a growing letter "O".
Basler Psi Tage:
The logo of the "New Age Congress" for spiritual healing.
This logo is based on "Q" for quality and "I" for human aspect.
Sutter Consultant:
Where the flow passes trough the
sign of a marketing consultant.
Martin Wuest:
The letters M and W combined which forms a denture.
Swiss Forum for Migration:
A two language typographical solution for a non-profit.
IWB - Industrielle Werke:
Logo redesign for the energy company of the city of Basel.
Alt Stazione:
A logo for a restaurant where people enjoy life.
Swiss National Fonds:
A non-profit which helps financially swiss soldiers in need.
Swiss Popular Tradition:
A connection between different swiss traditional museums.
Didacta Interamericana:
Two incas motives combined symbolizing a "D".