Freelance work for Hot Studio in SF:
The research of an Icon for Cisco EOS
From time to time, J B L works for others. Under the creative direction of Henrik Olsen, Hot Studio in San Fran- cisco hired him to develop an icon for the content mana- gement system for the entertainment industry "EOS" for one of their client, CISCO. Eventually, this system had a very successful launch at the CES conference of Las Vegas in 2009 using the new visual.

When something new has to be designed for a company such as CISCO, and for any existing company, it is impor- tant to understand the nature of the product within a larger organization. It is important to know the history of the visual of the firm and to respect it's branding. Is the new product an independent entity or does it work in parallel and will it be a sub product.

The already existing CISCO logo ( 1 ) contains lines over its names. Those are expressing a bridge. The golden Gate bridge (?). After basic tries, such as the integration of the new name EOS into the logo with an adaptation of the bridge, ( 2 ) we also observed that different internal products/departments were already using a graphical subdivision. A version adapting to those is presented inside a rectangle containing two parts ( 3 ). However, we tried also to create a new icon which uses the house colors of CISCO, contains some of the graphical elements of the main logo, but could be used as an independent icon for the product.

Once the idea of the icon was defined and accepted, many concepts were explored. We are showing here only the ones that stays into the range of the main brand. On ( 4 ) the entire bridge is included in the icon. Later it becomes an arrow ( 5 ) , than it uses parts of the elements of the bridge ( 6 ) bringing a white font on a dark background. On the final version it is interesting to observe the use of lines which is using a part of the original CISCO logo, and is working in an independent way, still using the brand- ing colors. The lines create a feeling of waves and data exchange.