A software for lawyers:
The opportunity to turn letters into icons:
One of our main interest in the moment of the creative process is to use the possibility to design interactive interfaces where visual element are combined together to create a new global experience. We believe that entering a new interface is like to enter into a new room where the main codes are existing, but where everything visual can be re-created and personalized.

Interfaces are often composed out of existing templates and/or visual elements such as buttons or icons. In the world of new media applications, an infinite amount of existing icons are on the market for various software passing from one to another without any specific rules, expect to be already well known, availabl and affordable. In this project, the client created his own software, and programmed it in-house in a rather classical visual language, focused more toward the clear function of the application that he invented and refined over the years. We were lucky that he wanted us explore a few elements, such as this series of icons, which reinforced the visual feeling of unity, providing more credibility for his product.

Those icons are using a limited amount of color, adapting the visual color system of the software.

We based the creation of those icons on the functions offered by the software, combining the first letter of each function and turning them into icons.