Four street posters for a musical event:
Chœur Faller
The Chœur Faller is an oratorio choir of Lausanne, small town of the french speaking region of Switzerland, where over 100 volonteers directed by a professional conductor and collaborating with various musical groups are creating two events per year. Musical pieces from international composers such as Britten, Honegger, Suter or Mendelsohn have been produced.

Under the perseverance of it's former president Jacques-Henri Addor, the Chur Faller has taken a new path, hirering the Studio AND. This decision enhanced the strenght of it's advertising and public relation.This new visual concept has logically increased the numbers of public for each of the events.

Four street posters have been created from JBL. It's creative process involving the photographical research esthetical choices, typographical composition and their graphical development have been shown around on diverse blogs and other specialised poster websites. There, one can understand what happens on the "back- stage" of graphic design and discover the inspirations taken by the graphic artist, and the decisions given by it's client. Those articles about the development of those posters allow each viewer to undertsand better the cre- ative process of JBL. Three links, each related to a poster are presenting the research: "King David", "Le Laudi di San Francesco d'Assisi" and "Elias". Created in California each poster has been printed in Switzerland before to be paste on the cultural billboard network of the Lausanne region.