Three award winning street posters over 20 years:
Bookstore Das Labyrinth in Basel
Those three creations interconnected over almost thirty years ( 1987 / 1997 / 2010 ) are symbolizing the perfect collaboration between a client and it's visual agency.

The task was simple: How to promote a bookstore in a small but culturally extremely rich city like Basel who has many other bookstores. The two partners of "Das Labyrinth" Thomas Dettwiller and Rolf Wetzel have always given total freedom to J B L to invent something for them. Each three posters born from this collaboration have been created in a slow pace, almost like handcrafted pieces involving photographic and typographic elements in different ways.

Printed in black and white, those street-posters contain the strength of the time and their graphic expression have been remarked in various professional places in the world. Very modern in their style, their visual lan- guage have evolved following the time and the software evolution. They are a pure visual interpretation of the word "Labyrinth" and always combine the act of reading.