Colorful creations for a socially responsible beverage company
Adina is a new kind of beverage company based on healthy, sustainable and fair trade practices. Born in Senegal, the history of this line of products has traveled trough France and found naturally it place of expansion in the New Age region of California. At the beginning, an international team of 3 creative and visionary partners have developed a new line of fruit based drinks. In permanent evolution, they just launched a new line of coffee based drinks on the market.
Unified branding and smart interfaces
Iustech is a one-man company. Originally lawyer, specialist of financial institution, Switzerland based entrepreneur Lukas Berger connected his knowledge and his vision to develop a new line of financial software. His inventive idea is to propose software that allow bankers or accountant to define easily the part of shares within a family inheriting of the fortune of a deceased pairs. How to divide houses, money, fonds into more equal parts ? That is what this software is offering.
Pro Helvetia:
Tasty give away for the Arts Council of Switzerland
Pro Helvetia is an official foundation dedicated to promoting cultural endeavours of nationwide interest. Founded in 1939 under public law, it is funded entirely by the Swiss Confederation. The Arts Council is intent on providing Swiss cultural practitioners with the best possible conditions for the creation and dissemination of their works. It helps them to optimize their impact at home and abroad and fosters encounters with artists from other countries.