Amnesty International, Switzerland:
Candle of Freedom
In Switzerland, in memory of the victims of the violations of the human rights, thousands of candles are lighted up each year, the 10th of December. This was the first work of AND for Amnesty International, Switzerland. The challenge was to design a simple typography around the circular surface of this candle. A few months later, AND received the mandate to design the entire corporate Image for the Swiss Chapter of this worldwide organization.
December 10th, the Human Rights Day:
Advertising Poster for the "Candles of Freedom"
Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on December 10th. Each person who lights on a "Candle of Freedom" that particular evening is showing her solidarity with the victims of human rights violations. When the Studio AND was hired in Switzerland to redesign the Candle of Freedom, they also took over the entire related campaign. Flyers, folders, and street posters followed the design of two candles and a packaging. It was a great opportunity for Jean-Benoit Levy to create a poster for a product which design was done in his own studio. In order to advertise the product, a special focus is given on the candle. Hold by a blurry silhouette the design reveals that many of the people who are showing their solidarity toward the human rights are staying anonymous.
Box and Dispenser for two Candles
Initially the Candle of Freedom were sold one by one in various stores in Switzerland. On their own decision, Studio AND decided to develop a box which was at the same time a dispenser for two candles, which, folded, would become a box for the post office. Under the impulse of Jean-Benoit Levy, this new object allowed to increase the selling of the candle.
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