A poster that encourages respect and cohabitation:
This poster is showing the sky in 3 different metaphorical ways:
The realistic way: a suggested photography of clouds on a dark blue sky. The scientific way: Reproduction of a Sky Map with lines and technical symbols of a radar screen. The symbolic way: Composition of different stars.

As a combination between information design and a more aesthetical composition, this piece shows the age of the diverse main religions; the amount of the people that are members of each of those religions, and the name of their leader.

This poster has been designed to be educational, showing that we are all belonging to a past culture, and that those spiritual cultures don't have the same age. It would like to encourage the respect of the believes of each religion, and also opens the debate toward the respect of all believes, including the people that are not following any specific religion. It expresses freedom, celebrates cohabitation and encourages respect and reconciliation.

Photography: Tom Wedell.
Technique: Silk screen. Format: 128 x 90.5 cm.
Price: US $250.– + $ 10 mailing in a tube within the U.S.A.