Trade Show in Basel, Switzerland:
An illustrative pictogrammes family
The Swiss Industries fair is one of the oldest Spring trade show in Switzerland. Located in Basel, it traditionally offers the newest products in an environment of a large trade show. With 300'000 visitors within a time period of almost two weeks, this fair presents the latest realization in various themes of industries.

The fair used to direct the visitors only with a very wordy two languages written information. Our task was to visualize within a family of around 30 simple motives all the different themes presented in each part of the trade show. We decided to simplify the visual directive information with a series of simple illustrative pictogrammes symbolizing each activity and exhibitions groups. Originally created in black lines, we divided them in 4 groups of different colors related with the 4 different buildings of the show.

In 2008, this fair, renamed "MuBa" is in its 92nd year. From the side of the exhibitors, the MuBa is a "marketing live" dynamic, direct and efficient event offering a very competent marketing tool. Unique marketing platforms the MuBa proposes multiple benefits, adaptable by any other marketing instrument. Compared to other marketing activities, the benefit of such an exhibition is exactly measurable by the exhibitors.