Children Film Festival:
Films for Children of the world
The trade mark of Screen 360 expresses the world of movies. It is composed by a strip of film which letters are building frame by frame the name of this biannual Film Festival for Children. The bright colours green and orange express a world of clarity and respect and the simple use of the letters in each frame allows children and parents to understand that this festival wants to address itself to children without being childish.

Beside the logo, Studio AND designed of course all the visuals for Screen 360, applying them for different printed matter.

First, promotional flyers are distributed in schools, parks, museums, bookstores. These are the first printed materials announcing that this festival is accessible to people ages four and up and that it will present a program of international movies addressed to a young audience in a unique way.

Designed for the windows of stores and boards of schools, the promotional poster enhances the main character, sort of curious blue cyclop watching in all directions, around the 360 angles of his head. Blinky –it's his name– represents the wide interest of youth toward the other voices of the non commercial international youth cinema. It represent a movie lover who likes all kind of movies, from stories to documentaries, watching movies without being a passive customer.

From foreign artists to local movie directors, the movies are for different ages, and presented trough various themes. As the third printed matter, this program distributed at the festival and is a great opportunity for advertisers to show their support and interest to this original film festival. By supporting it, they are demonstrating their concern of the future of our upcoming generations. The advertizings allow those companies to take a step toward a social and economical sustainablility by helping this cultural and non-profit event as they help to provide opportunities for independent learning.