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Visual for a modern restaurant in Lörrach, Germany
A modern visual style has been created for this new kind of restaurant. Located at the central market place of a traditional town at the border of Germany, France and Switzerland, this more tapas-like bar-restaurant offers a variation of light meals for people who are on the move. The style is european a mix, with food based on italian and german style. A place where one can have a hot-sandwicth with a german beer to go, or decide to stay longer and enjoy a more complex meal.
Design, wine and food joined in traditional restaurant in Müllheim, Germany
A simple branding for a modern tavern located in a traditional village of South-Germany. Where a visionary approach of food and wine are combined with visual sensibility. With the goal of mixing art and gastronomy, a chef, an artist and a wine-lover have decided to offer a place where one can enjoy a complete european culinary experience, combining coastal with country styles. A place where Bouillabaisse meet Osso Buco and Gulasch.