Buttons in Holland
Did you know that in the Netherlands it is a must to wear at least one artist button? At AND, we felt that we had to create a series of buttons with "Buzzworks". Located in Amsterdam, this independent and smart company produces and sells unique collectibles online. Their range of products consist of T-shirts, buttons, patches which are developed in close collaboration with a supreme selection of talented graphic designers, illustrators and comic artists. AND is proud to present 7 buttons made with it's own "H-and-S" typeface in this collection.
A logo design for traditional Hatha Yoga
An animated logotype to promote Hatha Yoga classes and workshops.
10 Digits or Digital Playback of Analog Gestures
A visual compendium that graphically documents the diversity of handsigns across many cultures in a playful and simple form. This CD is a tool for experimentation with nonverbal expression,while the simple iconographic design encourages interactive discovery.The project involved two phases of research: the build-up and classifying of a graphic collection and the design of an appropriate interface.
Promotional poster designed in 1998 with a foto from Daniel Furon.
A Poster for the year 2000
"Happy New Years" is a personal creation in form of a street poster, at the size of the Swiss "Weltformat". As a child, Jean-Benoit was always curious of what he would be at the change of the Millennium. In the occasion of the entrance of Christianity into the year 2000, he has decided to create a personal poster presenting in a informative way the diverse religions of the world, their age and their size.
Picture Stamps:
Collectors Vignettes
Promotional picture stamps for Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Years.
Picture Stamps:
New Year Stamp Cards
Promotional picture stamps for New Years.