Family of signs for a finance software:
A research on how to illustrate diverse chapters with various visual signs:
This particular research was made for a software about financial advising. Helping inheriting family to deal with the many assets that the deceased one has left behind, this software had diverse chapters which needed to be graphically represented.

This software is using denominations such as "Files", "Testament", "Interest value", "Payment", "Date of death", "Checklist", "Labels", "Advises", Calender", "Account", etc.

Those icons are using a limited amount of color, adapting the visual color system of the software.

The work which is represented here is demonstrating the preliminary steps of graphic research to define the level of abstraction or illustration needed for the icon family. The top row would be more illustrative and the last row at the bottom, being more abstract.

At this point, that is the client input that is guiding us toward a proper icon program and the major decisions are taken in a collaborative angle.