A typeface of hands:
200 signs unified in one graphic style.
As human do interact with infinite visual elements, we naturally tend to communicate with the most simple signs. As a logical result we have reproduced a certain number of symbols understandable by everyone. Handsigns can express complexity as they can improve simplicity in our daily life. Crossing over the multiple barriers formed by the countless national languages, the use of those modern hieroglyphs remains as effective for communicating now as it was prior to the development of speech.

Securing or functional, inviting or directing, subtle or loud, charming or forcing, those signs are the mirror of our actions and the way we functionate. No matter where we are on the planet, those signs are everywhere around us in our daily life. As they relate to one of the most important parts of our body –the hands– those visual codes speak to us.

This alphabet is the result of 10 years of incubation and 5 years of creation. In his travels throughout the world, JBL has collected hand-signage that each of us all over the planet are used to seeing on a variety of packaging, signage and instruction manuals. He had the idea to unify all those handsigns into one typeface. In accordance with the place it was created the name of this typeface is a mix: « H-AND-S ».