The A-Stamp:
The story of a 10 years postage stamp
In 1994 Jean-Benoit worked on a project with one of his classes where he gave the assignment to redesign a very simple looking stamp called the A-Stamp. The A-stamp was used for priority mail and looked then a little official and out of modernity. Invited to see the results of the students and inspired by the possible new design opportunities, the Swiss Postal Services contacted JBL to redesign a new version of the A-Stamp.

After a period of research and creation, the stamp was finally produced and released in 1995. Used until 2005 as the regular stamp for the priority mail, the new A-stamp found his place in Switzerland and was used everywhere by everyone. Lateron, it became self-adhesive and offered in a 100 pieces dispenser, as in an envelope with 12 pieces. Both packaging were designed by the studio AND, in paralell with a new "First Day Cover".

The A-stamp became eventually so popular that it was chosen to be the object of a large marketing action from the Swiss Postal Service. Reproduced with over 10'000 people in a stadion in Bern it reached a new Guinesns Record with the most people reproduced on a postage stamp. A new stamp was released out of Jean-Benoit's original design bringing the emblematic A-stamp into immortality.