Corporate Identity for a public service:
IWB, is the energy company of the city of Basel in Switzerland
The diverse Energy companies in Switzerland have entered in the age of the liberalization in the energy market in Switzerland and Europe, and the question have raised to transform them from public services into privatization. The entering into the new Millennium has also pushed many of those local companies either to merge together into regional pools and many have reconsider their look. After the city of Geneva for the Swiss-French part, the city of Basel was the first to give the sign of change in Swiss Germany.

Studio AND was contacted from the marketing company Creative Factory from Geneva for a possible collaboration. Together with Pfister Marketing & Kommunikation the 3 entities merged into an inter-regional team. Studio AND was hired to to develop the visual for the entire redesign and corporate identity of IWB. From the simplest business cards, to the complex annual reports, from building-signages to many giveaways, from the internal newsletters to all main external communication, all the visual was taken care from the studio AND and IWB became one of our main client for about 10 years.

The visual language that still exists today demonstrate that when an inventive creativity is combined with a marketing that carry sense, such an identity can last for decades. Our design has not changed over the years and the IWB's identity is still the base for their actual visual language and is adapted from many other design agencies that are working for this client.