Brand for a small restaurant:
Alt Stazione, a place for tapas and beer in South Germany
The owner of this new restaurant situated in the center of Lörrach – a little town at the border of Germany and Switzerland – is the kind of client with who we at Sudio AND do like to work with. Knowing already the visual direction he wanted, he came to us with a shaped idea for the brand of his restaurant. Artist himself, he had already participated to the architecture and planning of the place, helped to choose all the materials, designed himself the furnitures, picked up the wood, the marmors and other parts of the inner-architecture and came to us with a name. His idea was to create a global concept of a restaurant combining the quality of Italian food, German modernity and add with his personal touch the originality of a place based on a clear design, providing a trendy but comfortable place to be with friends for tapas-like food.

The name he choose was "Alt-Stazione" which means in italian highways an area where one can stop and rest. His idea for the visual was to use a copy of the exact roadsign used on the highway to announce this kind of "rest-area". We took the original idea and deconstructed into a round red sign that is disappearing in a gradient. The meaning of the logo is that any interdiction existing before entering in the restaurant are slowly vanishing as the meal, drinks and the evening with other guests and friends goes by. Out of an interdiction-road sign, the meaning of the logo for "Alt Stazione" became a symbol of fun and comfort.

A variations of items belonging to the restaurant such as sign, menu, glasses, coaster, coffee cups, all kind of plates and even advertising coupons distributed in the neihborhood have been developed and used for the visual of the restaurant, enhancing the experience of being in an "Alt Stazione".